Before reserving please read the reservation policies bellow.

Notes on reservation

・Due to the size of the restaurant and to maintain our calm environment, children under 10 are not allowed.
・If there are more than 4 customers you must call for a reservation.
・Let us know when reserving if there are any allergies or a type of food you cannot eat.

Cancellation policies

・If late more than 30 minutes without any calls the reservation will be cancelled.
・There will be a cancellation fee if not cancelled before 2days ago.  If cancelled before 2days ago, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the course ordered.  
If cancelled on the day of the reservation or cancelled without a phone call it will be 100% of the course ordered.

If any questions please send us a note in the format below.  Please understand we may not be able to answer you quickly due to our work schedule.Click here to make a reservation